Not much new to report.  I did a little work on the class wiki front page making it look a little bit neater but it still seems like there are several different definitions for the same thing.  I think people are nervous of taking down other peoples stuff but really we only need one definition written up in our own words instead of quoting another page.  Actually going there now it looks like it’s been cleaned up a bit more.  It is an open wiki so anyone who wants to can go there and edit it however they see fit.

I did find some interesting stuff in the world of AJAX this week.  It’s been out for a while but I just found out Google has a toolkit where you can write a program in Java and it will convert it to AJAX.  It’s called the Google Web Toolkit and it’s something I’m going to be taking a look at since the majority of my programming experience is in Java. They have tutorials and what not so I’m going to check some of it out when I get some of that precious free time.