After much stress about the Web 2.0 paper I finally finished the editing on it minutes before it was actually due.  I still feel like I’m probably missing several things dealing with grammar and flow but overall I’m happy with the result.  I guess at this point I have to be right?

We were also supposed to work on the wiki collaboratively.  I did this several weeks back which means my edits are probably going to be at the bottom because at that time no one had really touched it.  I hope that doesn’t impact my grade.  I went back to check and it seems like some of the stuff I had changed and edited had been removed or changed so significantly that I can’t tell if I did anything at all.  At least my page on Social Media with the examples I gave went untouched.  

Unfortunately even though I’m on campus right now I’m feeling pretty terrible with a migraine so I think I’m going to head home and send the prof an email apologizing for skipping out.  We are going over chapter 3 tonight and while I can read the book and look at the examples from the chapter online all I want I’m going to miss the lecture which always clears up any confusion but I’d rather not be miserable in a basement lit with fluorescent tubes staring at a computer screen all night.  Hopefully my class will understand.

For your reading pleasure I’m including the paper I wrote.  Feel free to check out it out if you are curious about what web 2.0 is as well as social media.  If you have even the slightest idea though it’s probably a waste of you time to read as it is very basic.