This week in my AJAX class we are going to play around with Google Maps.  One of the first things we are supposed to look at is an article entitled How to Add a Google Map to Any Web Page in Less than 10 Minutes. It goes into if you have an API key but since this was written Google has made it easier to embed.  On their maps there is a link called “link” that if you click on it will give the the web link as well as the code to imbed the map on to a web page.  What should happen is you can paste the code right into your HTML document and it shows up as a map. A tip for you WordPress users: you must enclose code with the <code></code> tags so wordpress knows.  I pulled my hair out on that one for about a half hour 😉


So I have my API key and I’m ready to start mucking about with Google Maps.  Looking foward to the next class when we can play.  Watch this space for some Google Maps fun!