I choose Web Site Designer as the job I would like to do a litte research on. When the World Wide Web first started up I knew a lot about html. However it didn’t take long for the technology to take off and next thing you knew there were all sorts of things you could do with web pages that i hadn’t kept up with. I did have a few jobs I did on contract when I was still in high school and always thought it would be fun to learn all the stuff that I didn’t bother to learn when it was getting big. Still though, even knowing the HTML tags I know does a lot to help you when you’re working with the web. Even if I can’t do flash animations and all that jazz.

Some of the things a web developer might be rresponsible for is:

  • E-commerce features (forums, mailing lists, credit card processing ability, etc.)
  • Visual design
  • Search engine optimized copy
  • Strategic layout
  • An appropriate platform
  • Advertising
  • Most employers require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, graphic design or digital media. However, a marketing or advertising degree combined with advanced computer training will also prepare future web designers for the workplace.

    Web designers must be effective communicators with an ability to explain technical issues in everyday language. Web designers must also be able to effectively translate ideas into reality and excel at detail organization. Strong computer skills and a willingness to stay updated on emerging technologies is a must. Success depends on a solid blend of expertise and creativity.

    I found this information athttp://www.unixl.com/dir/information_technology/web_design/ and thought they did a good job of explaining it.

    I was able to find some job listings too.


    Careerbuilder Linkage

    There were a bunch of listing at career builder so it appears like their is strong demand for this job. I think this would definently be an option for me but I still have a few years of schooling to go. I’ll see where that takes me.