I’ve been tasked to share my views of censorship on the internet.  I personally feel that the government should in no way censor the Internet.  Now, mind you, there are things you can do on the Internet that are illegal.  Take for instance child pornography.  Now these sites or people sharing their files should be confiscated.  In the case of it being a web site the government would have to shut down the website.  That’s not censoring but instead they are just confiscating the site so that they can investigate.  Parents should pay attention to what their kids are doing on the Internet.  Owners of “for public use” computers should pay attention as well as be held responsible for what people are doing on their computers.  This isn’t to say if someone comes in and emails some child pornography from a library computer that the librarian should get hauled off to jail.  However, if it is happening in a branch over and over again and the person in charge of the computers and network don’t have a way of knowing who is using the computers or what traffic is moving to and from his network than he should be held responsible.  Like I stated at the beginning however, in no way should the government do any type of censoring on the Internet.  I don’t want to live in the United Socialist States of America.

My first online experience perhaps was not even with the Internet. I remember using dial up BBS to chat with other people. Maybe even before that I remember using Prodigy. I was pretty young but I remember it being just like AOL. I remember also being on the Internet before web pages had come along. I participated in a few nesgroups. If I recall it was mostly TV related groups I was interested in. The Internet has come a long way. I still use newsgroups on a regular basis, but I mostly use a web browser and “surf the web”.