I found an interesting article about a substitute school teacher who got into trouble when some hardcore porn pop-ups came up on the computer in the class room. The interesting thing here is the confusion on how the forensics actually worked. Also how the evidence was presented in court. It was said that the software used to get the history from the computer would only see links that were clicked on then later that was changed to address that were typed in. She now faces up to 40 years in prison. I just don’t see how she can be held comletely responsible. They keep refrencing a law in which she hurts the morals of children under 16. What about the creators of those pop-ups. they owners of those domains should be held responsible as well imho. Also the teacher that logged in for her and left the computer open. This also seems like another example of the punishment not fitting the crime. I see it a lot with just about every computer related crime. Killers have gotten off easier than 40 years in prison. This lady is going to be found guilty and face up to 40 years and she probably wasn’t the one visiting the sites and she tried to stop it and even seeked the help of others to fix the problem. This article was great because it talked about a lot of the problems with the computer forensics.