For this assignment I’m supposed to choose some software packages that I believe my future job may use. While I’m not 100% on what specific career path I am choosing I know I will want to work with computers. Since business’s are mostly Windows based the software I will be choosing comes from that realm. Of course there are standard packages that every must know. These include the OS itself Microsoft Windows, which is part of the reason I was in the beta for Vista because I know I’ll need a working knowledge of the new os. The other major package is Microsoft Office. More specifically, Outlook, Word, and Excel. Some powerpoint knowledge is definently a must as well. For the typical person Access may not be required, but for someone in the field working knowledge of Access is probably definently needed. Because I am not sure exactly what I want to be when I grow up there are a few packages I would like to learn that are more towards the creative aspect. Macromedia Stuido 8, Live, Photoshop… You’ll notice these are all creative packages. I’d also like to become more familiar with Garageband, and iMovie. Both of those are OSX applications. As well the other three, Studio, Live, and Photoshop also have OSX versions. Come to think of it Microsoft Office also has an OSX version, and Office 2007 should have a OSX version coming out in about 6 months. So it is false to say in this day and age that the Mac does not have the same software packages as Windows.