The future of computer hardware is something that is hard to predict. Obviously it is going to keep getting smaller, and faster. As consumers think of more fun things to do manufacturers will meet that need. The problem with trying to get faster and smaller is that eventually it will be so small we can’t see it. O.K., perhaps not. However, as you do try to cram more onto that silicone heat becomes a problem what with all of that resistence. I’m sure they’ll figure out how to get past that though. The device I’ve been looking for is something that plays music, makes phone calls, let’s me access the internet, and is of a very small form factor. The iPhone may be it, but they are not going to open it up to allow 3rd party apps. It would be nice if they did because there are many applications I like to use on my PocketPC that I’d like to see ported over. Eventually, I’m sure, someone will get it right.