There are only a few modifications I can make to my system. This is because I have turned away from the classic desktop and have moved entirely to my laptop. I do still own an iMac that belongs to my wife however there are not much you can do by way of upgrades to those either. One really cool thing with my MacBook though is that you can upgrade the HDD. In the past and still today there are many laptops you can not do this with. The other thing I can upgrade is the RAM which will max out at 2GB. Of course I will be using my favorite Mac parts supplier or OWC which stand for Other World Computing. I frequent their forums and know how to get in touch with several of the people that work there. Toshiba makes a large hard drive but it is a little bit slower. Instead of the 2.5″ SATA 5400RPM drive it is a 4200RPM drive. It is however 80GBs bigger than their next sized model. In this case I’m choosing space over performance and going with the 200GB drive over the 120GB.
OWC Hard Drive
Next up is the RAM. OWC offers 2GB of matched pair RAM which happens to be the most my MacBook can take. I actually have this RAM in my laptop now and it works great. Well worth the $225 IMHO.
As always when I buy a new Apple iPod or Laptop I have to visit and pick up hand sewn bag to protect my purchase. This lady does amazing work and I own a total of 4 bags. One for my 3G iPod and one for my 5G iPod. One for my G4 Powerbook and one for my MacBook. The only problem is that she is based out of Australia, and she makes them all one at a time on her sewing machine so it could take a little bit to get your item. Do you know you are buying the iPhone? Go ahead and order your FoofPod now!