I took three career assesments from three different websites. Following are the results in order of website.

The first website was very dissapointing. I filled out all the information and clicked all of the little boxes. When it came to the end there were no results. It wanted me to sign up for things, and recieve information for things. I kept clicking skip offer until about the thirtieth time I gave up and closed the window. Oh well, on the next site.

The second website gave me high marks for Administration as well as Teaching/Social Services. It also claimed that I have a very assertive work style. Lagging further behind was a promising career in the food service industry. None of these sound much like what I want to do. It did mark me very low for the catagory of Sales which I beilieve they are dead on there.

The last website didn’t really pick out a specific career it thought I would be good at but instead showed me things I already knew about my work ethic. This one was basically a complete waste of my 30 minutes, and at the end expected me to pay for the full results.

In all I was very dissapointed with my results. The one website didn’t work at all and the other two didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear. I could take a 20 of these tests and if they all said I should work in the food service industry I would still not even consider it. I look foward to reading other blogs and trying websites that worked for other people.