This book asked me to peruse its sections and find the five sections most interesting as well as the five least interesting. At first I thought this would be hard considering there are only 12 chapters. Then I realized the book meant the individual sections under the chapters.
To begin with the book has a section called Computer Basics. Since I thing I have a full understanding of this topic that will be boring to me. Among a few others are; File Basics, File Management, E-commerce, and Web Basics. Again, I think these will all be boring because I think I’m familiar enough with these topics that I’m not going to be presented with any new information.

I am looking foward to Internet technology and Web Technology. This is stuff I use everyday, and topics I spend a lot of time boring my wife with. Learning more about Local Area Networks is also going to be fun. I understand quite a bit, but I also think I have a lot more to learn. Careers for Computer Professionels will be interesting and I hope it raises my awareness of the different careers I can seek after graduation. The whole chapter on Databases and the section about SQL I think I’m going to be very interested in.

Basically from what I’ve seen in the class so far I’ll never be totally bored. I like to think of myself as a person that can never be bored with, around, or talking about technology.